Sylvia's Story

Sylvia was born in 1967, unfortunately she does not know her birthday. She is a mother of 5; 3 sons and 2 daughters. Her job is basket making. She learned how to make baskets when she was young. She was taught by her aunt. She gained experience as she worked with her until she became an adult. She is now given an opportunity to make baskets for Luyando. She loves making baskets for Luyando because she earns money unlike most people in the community. Selling to Luyando has helped her so much because she can buy food and she was able to buy fertilizer last season for her crops. Her hope is to continue to supply and develop a good relationship with Luyando. She is teaching her daughter-in-law so that she is able to make baskets as well. When that time comes she will be able to pay for her youngest son’s school fees.