Our Story


If you ask us how Luyando started we would tell you it started by knowing we are all here for a greater purpose. Knowing that spurred us on to help our community in Zambia realize their potential.

Our founders, Wilfred Kapapa and Kelsey Weeks, met in 2009 when Kapapa was partnered with Kelsey as her translator. Their friendship grew over the years and they shared their visions with each other for more action in the rural villages of Zambia. 

In October of 2011 the time was right to put action to it. Kapapa had pinpointed Simukale village as a good place to start. In January of 2012, after months of strategy, we launched our first week of Luyando. We knew that people were hungry so that is where we started. We fed 150 kids that day and held a kids club. Since that time our numbers have grown immensely and the ways in which we serve the community of Simukale have been strengthened. What started as just an afternoon kids club has grown to an organization that affects over 300 kids daily in a village with a population of over 2,000. While we have seen a difference in our kids because of better access to nutrition, the change we’ve seen has not only been physical. Because of Love, we have seen many hearts and lives changed. We have seen mother's who, after being raped, reconnect with their own children after learning their value.  We have seen fathers give up their alcohol addiction to lead their families.  Families have been strengthened, a community has been unified, and people are choosing to live out Love in their own lives. 

Luyando's story is one of faithfulness and unwavering love.