One Big Family


In the beginning, our Kids Club was the only program we had. Since then we have expanded our vision but Kids Club continues to be a priority. 

The kids in our village have a lot on their plate. There really isn't ever a moment that they can be a kid. The Zambian culture expects and even more requires children to have great responsibility at a young age. Some of our kids are raising their brothers and sisters, and helping their families maintain an income. They rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to be a kid.

We hold Kids Clubs 7 days a week. During this time our staff wraps these kids up and loves on them. We play games, sing songs, do homework, and most importantly give them the opportunity to experience the Love.

Love is something that most of the kids have never known before. Our goal is that when they experience this Love that their lives be changed radically. That they will grow up abiding in that Love. 

Over the years this looks a lot less like  an after-school program and more like one big family.