Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.


Luyando believes that it is important to integrate the community in the goals and work we do. The way we accomplish that is to create jobs that help in the programs of Luyando. For example, instead of buying our vegetables or chickens from town we buy from members of our community, parents of our kids, so that we are giving back. As a result of buying from the village, the economy of Simukale is boosted.

Luyando is always looking for new ways create jobs for members of our community and make steps toward self-sustainability. We believe these projects do both of those things. 



We are cultivating a 130yd. x 30yd. garden on our land and we are so excited about all the opportunities it brings for our Mommas! Each one of our Luyando Mommas has their own allotment within the garden where they can grow whatever they want. This helps them to provide for their families, and fulfills a need they expressed to help provide for Luyando's feeding program needs.  When you contribute to this project you will sponsor one of these women and help provide fertilizers, seeds, manure, and tools. 

Sewing Program

There are currently two women in our sewing program. They learned how to sew and are now getting their own businesses up and running that not only create an income for themselves but also contribute to Luyando. Their products will soon be available for purchase.

Construction Team

There are many construction projects on the Luyando land throughout the year. Through these projects like the Children's Village we are able to employ 8 men from Simukale. They not only have a stable job but are also learning different skills that they can use in the future. 


Contribute To A Project

You want to be a part of making someone's ideas become a reality? Contribute to our ongoing projects. Make sure you write in the box provided which project you are giving to.