Our Mission

To empower the people of Zambia to change their world. We accomplish this by addressing these areas: hunger, education, women's empowerment, job creation, and sustainability.

Our Values

When one of us rises, we all do.  We know that it takes multiple people to create change and because of that we know everyone has a role to play. We believe in cheering on one another and partnering with each other to create change. 

Authenticity  We strive to be as transparent as possible. We acknowledge that people make up our organization and know that with that we will fall short at times. We work hard to faithfully carry out our mission to the best of our ability. 

Action  We believe to make a change you must take action. That is why we do not simply talk the talk, we walk the walk. Love is an action. 

Sustainability  We think critically in every area of Luyando to put in place projects and strategies that move us toward sustainability. That means solar power, permaculture, in country and Zambian led.

Community  One of the most powerful forces in a person's life is the people that surround them. We strive to build a community through that leans on each other and walks with each other through life. On another level we believe Luyando is for Zambians by Zambians. 

Our Story

We are in awe of the lives that have been transformed by God’s love and the obedience of so many to love the least of these. When you meet extreme poverty and stare it in the face, you have no other response but to react. This has been our reaction so far.

Our Vision

We have a huge vision to see the youth of Zambia be made into change makers through showing them the radical love of Jesus Christ. Our strategy is simple: love God first then love others.